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Minimale Systemvoraussetzungen
OS Win XP, Win 2000, Win Vista, Win 7
CPU Pentium 3 1GHz
Speicher 512 MB
Grafikkarte mit mehr als 32MB RAM
Support DirectX 9.0
Windows kompatible Maus

The continent of Rodesia is the home to humans, elves, goblins, hobbits, and trolls. While living in their territory, they often fight, trade, and interact with each other.
Each race has a different guardian deity (god). According to the mythology, the gods of the Rodesia continent created a race of their own to live on the continent.
Lunia, goddess of moon, created the humans. The humans serve Lunia as their guardian. Elves living deep inside the forests were created by the Forest God, Foriel. Hobbits living in a different affluence with delightful pleasure was created by the God of Prosperity, Ceres. Orcs living in the barren land of the lazy plains of herds was created by the God of Prairie, Wyldur. It is believed that the gods give divine love and protection upon the races they have created. In return, they worship the gods in order for them to maintain their diivine power.
Conflict between the races began to start. Each race gave ideas to each other, some became jealous, and have different beliefs. The first conflicted started with Orcs and Humans. Eventually the Elves and Dwarves followed them.


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■ A big continent on which many adventurers and brave warriors are waiting.
■ Premium items in shop.
■ Both High and Low Rates
■ Custom items!
■ Get many destructive special skills!

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The war become close. To prevent further bloodshed, the gods made an agreement. Lunia removed Human immortality. Wyldur removed shrewdness of the Orcs, Foriel removed the evil within the elves and created Dark Elves sealed within the darkness. Ceres removed all of the Hobbits' ambitions.
Currently, each of the races maintain their respective lives, passing on knowledge and wisdom of the myths. They continue to interact and trade, each race hoping to become more prosperous.
Humans began specializing in agriculture of their villages, The elves, with the darkness removed, continued to live in harmony with nature, The orcs, no longer having an unified kingdom, lived vagrant lives of brave hunting and combat training.